Selecting a Tree

The celebration of Christmas with a real tree has been a tradition for over 400 years.  At one time, all Christmas trees were cut from natural stands (or out of the forest). These wild trees looked nothing like today’s professionally-grown and sheared trees. Today, Christmas trees are plantation grown. Matthes Tree Farm is a “choose and cut” farm where you can come and cut down your tree, as well as select one from our pre-cut lot.

To make your tradition more memorable and pleasant, we’d like to offer a few helpful hints when selecting a tree.

Know the size of the room that you are displaying your tree in. 

Select a tree that’s the appropriate size.  Don’t forget to include space for the tree stand and tree topper!

If you’re looking for a particular size of tree?

  • Wide trees include Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine and Blue Spruce
  • Narrow trees include Fraser Fir and Canaan Fir

What is the length of time the tree will be displayed?

  • A short time (3 weeks or less) – all varieties. Norway Spruce are attractive but needle retention is only two to three weeks
  • A longer period (up to 6 weeks) – Scotch Pine, Fraser Fir and White Pine
  • Also, anytime you cut a tree and not set it up the same day, the tree should be recut

How much decoration will be used?

  • The more decorations that are used, the stronger the branches need to be, so we recommend purchasing a Blue Spruce or Frasier Fir.

Additional tips:

  • Wear the right clothing for your day on the tree farm.  As a “cut your own tree” farm, you’ll be happier if you bring your warm coat, boots, hat and gloves.  Don’t forget to bring your camera along.
  • We would prefer you leave you pets at home.
  • Feel free to bring your own hand saw, or just use one of ours. But please, for the safety of others, no chain saws.