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dad holding baby boy to put on star on tree with mom holding tree

Who We Are

Matthes Tree Farm


Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree to light up your home, or you want to take your kids out for a fun-filled day of hayrides, yummy concessions, meeting Santa, and much more, Matthes Tree Farm is the place to be. Our trees are lovingly cared for and meticulously groomed, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality product around.

Visit Matthes Tree Farm in Ida, Michigan, and experience the Christmas magic for yourself. Whether you’re in the market for a tree, or you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, we’ve got everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Land Is Bought

In 1953, Wilbert and Peg Matthes founded Matthes Evergreen Farm. The land they bought is the same piece of land the farm still currently operates on today. After much work clearing brush and installing drainage tile, the first trees were planted on the farm. After a few years, the trees had reached a marketable size and an opportunity presented itself. The first few years it started on a small scale basis. However, as more trees were being planted and more trees were being sold, the farm started to take off and grow in size.


A Remodel Begins

As the farm grew, Wilbert and Peg began to listen to what the customers were wanting and started offering a few food and drink items. This idea also started to grow and soon it was obvious they needed to expand on the idea. In 1978, they started to remodel the original 100-year-old barn to make a warming room and display area.



In 1984, two weeks after the season ended, the old barn burned to the ground along with cherished family mementos. In an attempt to recreate the “old barn look”, four entire barns were dismantled, hauled to the farm, and used inside of the barn.


Cherishable moments

As time went on, the family’s kids and grandkids started to help out around the farm. There were many other activities and offerings added. The trees also changed as well from traditional pines to more firs being offered. Wilbert was often heard saying, “We aren’t just selling trees, we’re providing an experience,” as many of his customers are now second or third-generation. Wilbert and Peg never thought when they cut the first tree that they would be one of the largest “choose and cut” Christmas tree farms in the state of Michigan. The festive atmosphere included decorations, a huge Christmas tree, and the presence of Santa Claus which created a family tradition for many in the community.


continuing the tradition

In 2016, the farm was purchased by Caleb and Kate Matthes, along with the support of their whole family. They currently have three kids: Kaden, Collin, and Corinne. They are committed to keeping the “farm” look and feel along with continuing the traditions that so many people have come to love at Christmas time.


committed to the experience

Here at Matthes Tree Farm, our family, and our dedicated staff are more excited than ever and want to make your Christmas tree selection and other activities an enjoyable experience. We are primarily a choose-and-cut farm during the Christmas season, offering 80 acres of pines, spruces, and firs to wander through. If you’re visiting on a weekend, stay and enjoy the 15-foot decorated tree, the live entertainment, crafters, Santa Claus, refreshments, the petting zoo, and pony rides. We also offer our own Christmas Shop where we create wreaths, roping, and decorations with our fresh greens.

Keeping Tradition

Tradition means a lot to our family and our business.  We are third-generation tree farm operators and while many things must change, family tradition is not one of them.  At Matthes Tree Farm, we embrace the values from our grandparents, and love to pass them on from our family to yours. We hope to meet you soon!

family of 4 walking through tree farm swinging baby girl on the walkway

Let’s Chat

Contact Matthes Tree Farm, where we offer Christmas activities and also serve as a wedding and event venue. Reach out to us today for more information!