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Commonly Asked Questions

Yes. We accept both cash and credits cards.

Yes. We allow pets to be on the property, but they cannot come inside the barns.

**They are only allowed for a brief time in the Santa area for pictures.

Yes. We offer concessions for our guests in one of the heated barns. Our kitchen is open from 9am-5pm on weekends. Our menu includes hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, donuts, homemade cookies, beverages and more.

Yes. Both of the barns are handicapped accessible.

You can either put the tree on your car to bring it up and “check out,” or we have workers driving tractors who will be pulling a wagon, and you can set your tree in the wagon.

Yes. We offer a military discount.

Yes. We are open daily from 9am-6pm for people to cut trees. Our special activities are only available on Friday-Sunday the first weekend after Thanksgiving and Saturday-Sunday each additional weekend.

Yes. Both of the barns on the property are heated.

Yes. You can bring a saw, but it cannot be a chainsaw (for liability). Also, we can provide a hand saw for you to use.

There are lights in the parking lot. However, there are not lights in the evergreen fields.

Yes. We have portable toilets available for you to use. Additionally, at least one of which will be handicapped accessible.

Yes. We allow people to drive their vehicles on the lanes through the field to view the trees.

Yes. You may bring your own camera for Santa, or we have “Santa’s helpers” that will take a picture using our camera and print it on site. It is $5 for the first picture and $2.50 for each additional photo.

Yes. We offer various fundraising packages through the tree farm. Call for more details.

family of 4 walking through tree farm swinging baby girl on the walkway

Let’s Chat

Contact Matthes Tree Farm, where we offer Christmas activities and also serve as a wedding and event venue. Reach out to us today for more information!